School of languages and cultural experiences.
The experience of life a cultural interchange in Costa Rica, Elec sprouts of a Costa Rica family that with pride are ambassadors of Costa Rica by serving as bridge between other nations to learn Spanish.

Learns Spanish, it count on courses of traditional, musical kitchen, art, medicine, agriculture develop of plants for develop sustainable, trainings and managerial adviser’s office and fee, a temporal home near families that receive you with immense cheer with the national stamp of amiability, charisma, tourism it comes and knows our earth from volcanes, Lagos, beaches, mountain and lives the experience of be part of this great ELEC family.


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ELEC Spanish School offers volunteering programs for all our students that have completed a minimum of two weeks studying Spanish language with us.

The institutions of our volunteering are non-profit organizations, where donations received are used for operational expenses, maintenance, supplies, food, medicines, etc. (all that the institute requires for its subsistence). This is the reason why donations go directly to the institution involved and they can be received in kind or in money.


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The main goal at ELEC Spanish School is teaching the Spanish language focused on a total immersion in Costa Rica, based on a warm atmosphere which goes along with nature.
Our facilities are surrounded by greenery, with a spectacular view of the Irazu and Turrialba volcanoes, with incomparable pure air.
Our personnel are highly qualified, counting with many years in the field, from 5 to up to 30 years.
One learning method is the communicative approach, in this method the student actively participates in class and daily interacts with everyday situations. We believe the communicative approach and a total immersion are the best way to learn, so our method is carried out in very comfortable classrooms and small groups.
All of the above makes that the peaceful and calm atmosphere of teaching and learning process helps the students to learn easier in a conversational way.
Our quality program is among the highest standards in Costa Rica; these are designed in a way that the oral, auditory and writing sections embrace a didactic teaching, making the level of Spanish be higher in less time, ending our complete course in 13 weeks.
Our students do not have age restriction, but when the student is less than 18 years of age, it is recommendable to treat these cases specifically with our Academic Director.
Each of the collaborators and services at ELEC are focused on achievinga balance with our students, still being able to accomplish the goal of teaching the Spanish language.